Our Money, Our Babies, Our America.

We proclaim to be the Land of the Free, the greatest nation, but no one wants to recognize or talk about HOW we got to be this nation. Stealing this land from the Native Americans, literally murdering and attempting to eradicate them from their sacred home. “Importing” aka kidnapping and selling *TRAFFICKING* human beings from Africa, who were shipped as CARGO, in inhumane conditions that were deadly to many, to be auctioned off and sold as slaves. Only to be forced into deplorable conditions, cruel, violent and ultimately deadly lives at the hands of slave owners. And still hundreds of years later, these famous men – who happen to be White, although technically IMMIGRANTS themselves – receive PRAISE and HONOR of building and making America great.

It’s tough to swallow that the American story isn’t all lollipops and rainbows. To know for certain European, Native Americans and Africans did NOT sit around singing “Kumbaya” and coming together over shared meals and creating this wonderful “Melting Pot” we speak of as America.

So while some may say “what’s the big deal, it’s just a $20 bill”, I say hit the books. The real ones. Not the BS they fed us all throughout school painting this all-white, happy-go-lucky experience of discovering a “New World”. Having a campsite dinner called “Thanksgiving” with the Indians. It’s a bunch of TRASH. Whitewashed garbage.

I have ancestry that ties me to most of American history. Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Mexican, Native American – Cherokee. My paternal Grandmother’s family has been traced to the Trail of Tears. My mother’s side is European. In 2016, many Mexicans are still treated as second class citizens by most Americans, whether by outright racism to even the subconscious racism that was ingrained in your psyche before you could ever learn to discern it for yourself.

Our history in this country is ugly and cruel beyond comprehension. We must acknowledge that and we must continue to recognize and repair the deep damage our America has placed on our people of color since the birth of our nation.

Our history in this country is also rich and colorful and bright and beautiful. We must learn to celebrate it honestly and equally, as well. It is beyond time to give props where props are due. The contributions to this nation from Native Americans, Blacks and many other people of color are innumerable, yet remain unknown to the average American and even beyond our borders because they have not been documented in such a way that is made known when studying American history.

I live with a 3 year old who is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, funny, strong, gorgeous little girl with a heart of gold and a personality that floors me daily, who’s opportunities are endless and who I see absolutely no limitations on who she can be and what she can do in this world.

She is Black, White, Mexican and Native American.


Now, if any of you racist, bigoted, sick, hateful assholes ever make her feel anything less than everything that she is and anything she aspires to be, so help me God, the Universe, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Joseph and Mary:

You will have Hell on Earth brought to your doorstep.



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