There are believers. There are non-believers. Then there are folks like me, with no labels, but lots of questions.

I really dislike labels. And boxes. Pigeon holes.Wheelhouses. Anything that locks you in or binds you down.

I loathe the idea of the superiority of one human being over another. I hate blind faith. I cannot stand choosing no information in an information age. I have a deep disdain for electing to be mis- or underinformed out of sheer laziness. I am irked by the flippant attitudes some have toward their lack of knowledge, as if it’s somehow preferable to be OUT of the loop.

I’m veering off course here.

My goal is ultimately to treat people how I wish to be treated.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you” – The Golden Rule

Reciprocity. I hear Lauryn Hill’s beautiful timbre whenever this word is used. So original, so rare, so unique. As is finding someone who truly embraces the spirit of The Golden Rule. While no one is perfect, I prefer to spend my time with people who see the need to try to perfect living by The Golden Rule.



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