Black Lives Matter.

If you are someone who feels it necessary to remind us that #AllLivesMatter &/or that #BlueLivesMatter (which is fictional anyway bc there are no actual Blue beings), I invite you to read the thread of tweets below from Clint Smith, III. He’s a writer, teacher, author, and PhD candidate at Harvard studying incarceration, education and inequality.

See, he’s made these things his life’s work. I’m just an MRI tech with an Associates from LCC in Parsons, KS. He’s and actually lived his life as a Black man who’s life is obviously of less value in the eye of our society and definitely our justice system. Maybe his words will ring more true with you: 
“I keep thinking of the officers who killed #PaulONeal, the way they celebrated taking his life as if they had just won a game at the arcade.

For some, black life is indistinguishable from a game of whack-a-mole. The violence is merely an abstraction, one body after the next.

I don’t know what it means to cultivate trust with police that celebrate your destruction, that high-five the act of rendering you obsolete.”

These are the kinds of people I like to follow on social media. The kind who make you think, who you can learn from, who have life experiences that differ from my own.

There are so many choices out here. Choose wisely. But remember this, it’s how YOU choose to utilize your social media accounts that counts. Don’t judge me on how I use mine. If you don’t like what I say on here, your loss✌


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