Social media scapegoats.

​And if YOUUUUUUUUUUU think “social media makes things worse” you are a selfish asshole idiot who enjoyed living in your bubble and not being bothered with all of the goings-on in the real world. And you irk my soul. 
Yes, YOU.
It’s worse for you because, “oh my God *valley girl style*, it’s like all they talk about all day, every day. Like, can’t we just be happy and talk about sno-cones and butterflies for once? Like, why so negative all the time? Oh my God, like, it’s always about these thugs and police. Like, why don’t they just stay out of trouble then maybe they wouldn’t be stopped by police?”

*blood on full rolling boil now*

These people TRULY believe catching police brutality and murder on camera phones and sharing it via social media and news outlets is what has made things WORSE. 

What a special, little world you must live in. How nice for you in your unaware, apathetic or just plain pathetic, comfy, cozy, kumbaya corner. Just stay there. And be quiet. SMH.

The only thing social media has made worse is that the character of a person can be seen is magnified and sometimes viral.


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