Dick Gregory.

I’ve been to a lot of comedy shows, seen a lot of comedians over the years. But what happened last night, I’ve never seen before. There was a buzz in the air. People showed up early and stayed late. In line, people chatted about the opportunity to see a living legend. And then it happened. A standing ovation as he was announced to come on stage. I’ve never seen this. And it continued and continued until he took his seat at a table on stage and then it continued a little longer. It was as if we all knew we we’re among greatness and we’re about to witness something very special. And we did. He did not disappoint. He had us on the edge of our seats, hanging on his every word for a solid hour and a half. It was like church and school and a visit to your great-grandparents house all rolled into one. His punch lines were few and far between and were much more in his delivery than the actual words. Most of his punchlines were rooted in making us reexamine how we think, what we’ve been taught vs what we KNOW. After the show, another standing ovation commenced. But after THAT, people stood in a line through the entire restaurant to meet, greet and take a picture. He said before he left the stage, if you want to take a picture, I’ll stay til the very last one. If you’re in a hurry, get the F on outta here 😁 So I got in line, bought his best-selling book, said it’s an honor to meet you, Sir, shook his hand and took a picture with the living legend Dick Gregory. One of the greatest experiences of my life😊



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