23 and Me.


Northwestern European = 88.4%

British & Irish = 44.2%

French & German = 6.1%

Scandinavian = 2.8%

Broadly Northwestern European = 16.9%

Southern European = 13.2%

Iberian = 7.1%

Broadly Southern European = 6.1%

Ashkenazi = 0.2%

Broadly European = 4.9%

East Asian & Native American = 10.0%

Native American = 7.8%

Broadly East Asian & Native American = 2.1%


This was a very interesting outcome.

We knew most of our general ancestry. My paternal great-grandmother, Francisca Yanez Hernandez, was said to have Spanish ancestry which contributed to her lighter complexion. Several of her children, including my grandfather, inherited her nearly porcelain skin with olive undertones. Yet my paternal great-grandfather, Daniel Hernandez, Sr., who was very dark complected, may have had much more Native American ancestry. Would love to explore this further.

There is additionally known Native American ancestry on our paternal side, our father’s mother, of Cherokee Indian.

Now, British, French and German were understandable. However, Scandinavian was a complete surprise!

We also thought we knew most of our general ancestry on our maternal side as well. As far as Irish, that was understood. We have been told on my mother’s paternal side that Scottish and Welsh are also part of our lineage. But not according to 23 and Me!

Who knew?!




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