Mujerista McCool

Somehow I’ve come up with, at least what I think is, a catchy “byline” or bio for my page:

Latina. Irish. Native. Feminist. Equalist. Justice. Advocate. Humanist. Empathizer. Woke. Ally.

In my recent readings and trying to learn and understand things about the world and myself, I’ve learned I really don’t care for labels. Or boxes. Or pigeon holes. As least when the label is applied to me. When it becomes personal, it becomes suffocating. It becomes stifling. And then I feel like I need to fight. Not physically, of course, but I feel like I need to kick down the door, knock down walls, raise my voice and remind people to see ME. 

But also, to remember it’s always personal and it’s always important to see people as they are, where they are. After all, it is their journey.